Will upgrading cause loss of style properties?


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Will upgrading from beta 1 to beta 2 cause custom styling to be lost, as a result of the major CSS integration/change that is now in beta 2?

If so, how do I go about retaining any of the style information or re-applying it after the upgrade? I really don't want to lose the customization I've done so far.


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The only major change is the page_container.

Changes to the Header Template
The old 'header' template has been renamed 'logo_block', and has a <div id="logoBlock" /> wrapped around its contents.
There is a new 'header' template, which is included by the 'PAGE_CONTAINER' template, and includes 'logo_block', 'navigation' and 'search_bar'.

Several people have had issues with that related to logos and duplicate menu bars but apart from that I haven't heard of any other problems.

However, take a backup/export your style first before upgrading.


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Customized style properties are not overwritten during the upgrade process.