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Hello, I don't think this is a bug? However yes I am posting here if a mistake sorry. About widgets, I noticed when you go to the widget page and you click on a widget let say Forum list: Sidebar then you go over which options you need that works great! Not after you close out of that page then You want to undo what you did you can't? The link has grayed out and you can not choose it again? Is this correct? If this option is correct how can you undo the widget?

Thank You
No issues here.

There is no undo option.
You just change the widget settings as you wish.

Perhaps screenshots of what you are doing would help to explain better.
Good Afternoon Brogan

OK I have attached a screenshot you will notice Forum list: Sidebar I clicked on some changes then saved it went to go check out the changes, then decided to go back, however you can not choose Forum list: Sidebar again?


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Hi Brogan
When you first click on that link you see this page. Then I check a few Display in positions: however, if you want to change a few positions you can't as you can see it's one and done the software will not let you change again? Unless I don't understand sorry. Could you please help me understand?


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I don't really understand what it is you are asking.

I don't have any issues with clicking widgets and defining the positions or other settings.

The location you mentioned in your previous post is essentially just a category header, not a widget.
Sorry, I thought we may be missing the mark I will try to make you understand.

1. When you go to the Admin side and then go to Appearance, Widget's you will see Widgets.png image screen.
2. I clicked on Forum list: Sidebar it brought me to the next screen Wigets2.png Image.
3. After checking a few boxes under Display in position: I went to see what happened and decided I wanted to uncheck a few boxes, however, you can't if you go back to Appearance > Widgets you can not choose Forum list: Sidebar again? The option on choosing Forum list: sidebar is gone
its like one and done?

Brogan hope this helps you understand what I am seeing.



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The option on choosing Forum list: sidebar is gone
its like one and done?
Again, that's a category heading, not a widget.

The widgets are listed below it.

In your case the widget you want to edit again is the fourth in the list - Forum statistics.


OK good but I think there is still a miss understanding.
Go to Appearance > Widgets pick one of the widgets.
let say pick Forum statistics that should bring you to the widget edit page, click on some of the Display in positions:
Then press Save.

After then go back to the same listing Appearance > Widgets you should see that you can no longer get to the Edit widget page?
You will see that what you clicked on earlier can not be clicked on?
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