XF 2.1 Widget Viewing Issue


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I have the "Latest Posts/New Posts" widget activated in the "Forum list: Sidebar" on the home page.

I'm doing some testing...and I discovered that established registered members can view this widget...but brand new registered members cannot.

I looked thru the widget settings carefully...and I looked thru the registered usergroup permissions carefully...and I'm not seeing a setting that limits brand new registered members from seeing this or any other widget on the home page sidebar.

I must be missing something...any ideas?



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I thought of that...but didn't think anyone would be interested in what the issue/solution was...since it's a really "weird" thing on my end.;)

It deals with 2 usergroups I have setup...one is "Registered"...other is "Registered+"...and has to do with RSS feeds. When I restarted some RSS feeds about 18 months ago...some of my more "grumpy" members complained that the RSS postings were clogging up the New Posts list. So I created the "Registered+" usergroup...then members had to self-join the Registered+ group if they wanted to see RSS posts.

Since my XF install is a new install/migration...the New Posts widget was only showing RSS posts in the XF New Posts widget (since the database was migrated).

Anyways...the way this effects Xenforo & the "New Posts" widget...turns out if there have been zero new posts since a registered new member joins the forum...then the "New Posts" widget displays nothing (not even the widget header bar)...which makes you think widget is not working.

As soon as I created a new test post...suddenly the "New Posts" widget shows up for this brand new member with just that single new test post (I have the New Posts widget setup to display up to 4 new posts). This new registered member account was one I created for testing purposes.

There it is...that's the story/solution. Everything with XF was actually working normally (I'm assuming)...just didn't realize that if there are zero new posts...that the New Post widget does not display anything (including the New Posts widget header).:)