Why the safe_mode restriction?


I'm considering on buying XenForo, but I am not very keen on turning safe_mode off, as despite the generally good impression of the software, there always are certain risks - and keeping safe_mode in effect is a part of managing these risks. What exactly will happen if I just subtly comment out the safe_mode check from the install script? Why is this part so crucial for XenForo?


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I should note the big deprecated warning of safe_mode in PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/features.safe-mode.php

Depending on circumstances, uploading may fail entirely. You may not be able to get past the install. Depending on safe mode and server configuration, you may be able to get around it, but it's not something that we could recommend -- especially as there are various ways that people can get around safe_mode if they're really trying to.


Okay thanks for the comment. I guess it's time to look into suphp or chrooting apache.