Why isn't this admin template syntax working?

Liam W

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<xen:if is="{$group.auto_responsive}"><xen:option name="auto_responsive" checked /><xen:else><xen:option name="auto_responsive" /></xen:if>
That line gives me an error, and I'm now starting to pull my hair out over it...


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            <xen:checkboxunit label="{xen:phrase your_auto_responsive_phrase}:">
                <xen:option name="auto_responsive" value="1" selected="{$group.auto_responsive}">
                <xen:explain>{xen:phrase auto_responsive_explain}</xen:explain>
Leave checkboxunit label as "" if you do not want the label showing to the left of the checkbox. You can remove the explain line too if you do not need it. The checkbox will be automatically checked or unchecked depending on the value of your variable.