Why is there so little (public) documentation?


Q: How will the average programmer be able to make code changes?

A: It's safe to say that XenForo makes use of vastly more modern and advanced programming techniques than people might expect to see in forum software, depending on where they have come from, so there will be a greater learning curve for the novice programmer. However, documentation and tutorials will help people to cut through what they don't need to know and see how easy it is to extend and modify XenForo with our APIs.
This was written almost 3 years ago in this thread but I can't help but find this misleading. Much of the tutorials and development information are only viewable by the specific owners of the licences and documentation appears to be close to non-existent.

My question is, why is that the case? Is there an issue with disclosing the full development documentation to the public?

Sage Knight

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I agree, they're needs to more documentation for both users and devs.

Many of the great features/options are buried throughout the forums. Searching is not always intuitive.

And on a side note, another reason why I miss Kier's HYS videos.