XF 1.5 Why field_id is all numeric in xf_user_field_value


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Why my xf_user_field_value table is showing all numeric field_id whereas I have defined alphanumeric value in custom user field? Where can I find the actual Field ID I defined so that I can run a query in the database to get all the values of "team" for all users?

I plan to try this query
SELECT u.username, ufv.field_value FROM xf_user AS u
                INNER JOIN xf_user_field_value AS ufv ON (u.user_id = ufv.user_id)
                where ufv.field_id = 'team'
I am using XF 1.5.14.


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Chris D

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It's because they are stored in varbinary format, and that's how PhpMyAdmin chooses to display them.

There are options within PhpMyAdmin to display them properly, but it depends on which version of PhpMyAdmin you're using. Try some of the options under the +Options link you can see in the PhpMyAdmin screenshot.