why digitalocean?


As a result of the ddos-attack tests we have done for a long time and in line with our research, we have seen that although digitalocean processors (Intel® Xeon® Gold 6140) see 100%, there is no lag with fastcgi cache and redis cache support.

In addition, for people who are new to vps and nginx servers, digitalocean is a deep ocean where you can create as many vps as you want and test on it.

Before mentioning its many amazing features, most importantly and to give a small example, you can create a full snap of the server with one click and update xenforo. In this way, you can go back to the problems that may occur with one click before the update. So it's like going back in time.

Is your ip address exposed? You can change your IP address immediately.

Everything I mentioned above is my own observations and the experience of many stress and ddos attacks tests. I recommend nginx server to all of you. Stay away from the panels.

Do not hesitate to contact me privately for your questions and problems.

The bottom base that we have no problems with is as follows.
VPS 2 cpu / 4 gb ram = ubuntu 20.04 LTS + nginx 1.21.3 + phpmyadmin 5.1.1 + mariadb 10.6.4 + php8.0.10 / fastcgi cache / redis cache / redis rate limit / ddos-guard free package

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What is your ultimate purpose for posting this?

This isn't a pre-sales question. Are you offering a service? This thread probably belongs somewhere else.
In this category, there was a topic called digitalocean or other hosting. I wanted to enlighten people. What could my purpose be other than that? I didn't advertise a different forum 😅😅😅