Why are people allowed to get away with scamming here?

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First of all this is a very legitimate complaint, and I beg the Xenforo Staff to not close or delete this thread. That being said, why is @Daniel Hood allowed to take on work after he scammed a lot of people with this xen review mod. I was conned out of several hundred of hard earned cash to join the crowd fund and more than a year later I am left with a broken mod and empty promises.

@Daniel Hood is going about this in a very smart way btw, he is acting as if he is communicating with us, but in reality he is feeding us a bunch of nonsense so we can keep quiet and he can go on making money.

I think that Daniel Hood should not be allowed to work on other stuff, until he gives us a solid and bug free working mod that we already paid for. Or refund us.
We are monitoring the situation very closely. The author has explained the situation and although we appreciate that this doesn't satisfy everyone, some commitments have been made by the author to complete the project. Putting restrictions on what someone can or can’t work on isn’t practical. In many cases, it's unlikely to resolve the situation in the way you like (and may make the author abandon all of their projects). Constant negativity isn't likely to make them complete the project any sooner.

We'll continue monitoring this and will take further steps if/when we feel they're necessary.
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