Who's running XenForo 1.1 beta1 on a production site ?

Digital Doctor

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Anyone got 1.1 beta1 running on a production site ?
[Please tell me you have a backup just in case !]
Post a link to your site !


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Yes, I am. I did both a file backup and two sql backups plus installed on my localhost site prior, then made the plunge on my production site. Link in sig. Members LOVE it.


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Will have one soon if all goes well. Not a huge board, but can be of interest to folks 18+
And yes, thanks, I just reiterated with the installer to be >sure< he's got a good backup before proceeding (sent him the link to the thread where one of us went to his bkp and filesize=0).

Even with XF, Murphy does lurk in the shadows!


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no, but I have it installed in my localhost without any major problems. Though I am still waiting for all known bugs to be fixed before installing it in my live board.
confirmed bugs