So who's running HA on their XF install?


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We use pacemaker+docker+galera+glusterfs in production.

Never ever put glusterfs on a mechanical HDD or the self-heal seeks will kill you when a node comes back online


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Another reason for running so many nodes is it allows me to aggressively check that servers survive the reboot test.

Curious how you managed this, currently have a setup using an nginx reverse proxy as a load balancer between two separate web servers that connect to a Galera cluster for the database, using an NFS mount for data and internal_data directories, and would love to be able to improve on this :p The csync2 setup is something I hadn't even wanted to touch, seems like it'd be way too easy for something to sync wrong and mess something up. This site is fairly heavy on attachments as well, around 500gb or so of attachments
It's a somewhat simple php stream wrapper (available on github, no way is any free supported offered). We've only got 2-5gb of attachments, so it isn't an issue but it doesn't scale. There is integration with @Chris D add-on installer, so installing add-ons Just Works (tm).

The site map integration is borked, but I just disable it and haven't cared to fix it.

When moving to XF2, I plan to write a wrapper to upload avatars/attachments to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and then use an nginx to proxy & cache from the blackblaze bucket for a small set of commonly accessed files. I plan to release this as a paid add-on since it will require setup support.
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Jake B.

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We've only got 2-5gb of attachments, so it isn't an issue but it doesn't scale.
Ah, will just leave it how it is currently. It's been working perfectly fine, and I can only assume will continue to do so :p