Whoever said 'What's New' should be 'Recent Activity' was right!


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I changed the link for what's new to recent activity because it more accurately reflects what's new on the website. What's new only covers threads, Recent Activity covers more than threads and makes people search around the website more since the other parts of the site that utilizes add-ons and profile page activity can be displayed there. Pure awesomeness.
I'd say they should call it "New Posts" if it wasn't for some company accusing .... never mind.
Yes I put the Recent Threads link up on the 2nd navbar, named it LATEST.
Much more accurate in terms of whats going on.

I commented out "What's New" as it's so partial, cuts out what I've already read so I can't see context or check back again, and unless on a big busy site it can return a disappointing No Results message.

I'm sure that other sites will have other needs though.
so we have different naming for stuff which is actually all the same....?

- What's New
- New threads
- All recent messages
-Recent Threads (in the search-box)
I guess I have found the perfect solution for this. Does the following makes sense ?

- Navbar-Tab named "Latest Threads" = threads which are from the last 30 days (domain.com/find-new/threads?days=30)
- Navbar-Tab named "Recent Threads" = domain.com/find-new/threads
- Navbar-Tab named "What's New" = Recent Member Activity (domain.com/recent-activity)

There is the issue that when clicking on the Tab named "Latest Threads" (30 days old), then it still shows "Recent Threads" in the h1-title. How to rename this so that all of this works properly across the site?
Erich I think renaming AND using an existing name can be confusing. You will be visiting here where it won't match especially around problems/ admin changes; and other members may well use other XF forums.

The solution I found was to name Recent Threads just "LATEST!" in bold.
I got rid of What's New. I can't see the point if I have my Watched Threads, and LATEST!" (Recent Threads)

I also renamed and reordered most of the stuff under the username on the right as I found it very confusing.
In its right hand column I have
My Alerts
Likes I've Received
My Posts
My Watched Threads
People I follow
My Follows actions
People I ignore
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What's New? needs to be improved to include all content types !
- images in [XFR]Albums
- wiki entries in XenCarta
- Articles and comments.
- anything that defines it's own content type.
- new media in XenMedio

What about new members ? Hmmm ... have to think about it. Might be good for low volume sites ?
My Posts
My Watched Threads
I just "borrowed" these two ideas from you. :sneaky: Thanks! (y)

MY Watched Threads make it more personal.
My Posts simplifies the My Content phrase. (Plus we used to have a "My Posts" link in vB)
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