WHo Viewed Thread

I would like to work with someone to create an addon for admin (or any definable UG) to be able to see who viewed what threads, and be able to set the time frame to cache the list. In addition, and perhaps this would need to be a separate addon, I'd like to be able to input a user and see what threads they have viewed.

I realize there is an older addon available but it appears that it does not work and isn't being supported. So in Summary the addon/s would have these basic feature sets:

  1. Each thread has a "Who Viewed" link below the "Go to First Unread" link at the bottom of each thread
  2. This addon needs to cache info for at least 24 hours but be able to be increased to 72 and anywhere in between
  3. Each user has a "Where I've Been" link in their member card showing (or by input but preferably a link in the card) what threads they've opened and when. This caching also needs to be definable
Any interested parties please let me know.