Who blogs?

Hello one & all,

My question has a dual purpose.

First, I have a blog: <plugtype="shameless"> Mister Sarcastic </plugtype> and I would be happy to exchange links, comments, etc with other bloggers. On another community forum we started a kind of Blog Ring where everyone linked everyone else, and we made a (small) effort to comment on and encourage each other's blogging.

Second, my chosen direction for the Xen-Train is a forum for bloggers. Somewhere to get hints and tips on blogging, share resources, get reviews, styling & plug in tips, etc etc. The exact details are still being worked on, but I am interested to know if there are people here who would be interested in taking part.

Thoughts, please, ppls?


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I do as well, mine is a blog about my weight loss journey because I chose to go thru surgery. And I am not only using it as a reminder to me as why I need to keep focused but as a way to educate others on the different types and the process. Sometimes it helps to see the struggle of the decision making someone goes thru in that process. It's a subdomain actually located here: Liz' Weight Loss Journey


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A forum for bloggers. I like it.

Here's mine - One Buzy Mama - just a personal blog of my thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc., plus my and my sons' experiences with his Asperger Syndrome/ADHD.

More than willing to exchange blog links.


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but because i don't find time to write articles, there aren't many visitors:( (shame on you xenforo:p )
heh I usually get around to updating mine about once per month, although I did start it with better intentions (don't we all?).
But I'm a buzy mama! Plus XF and our new JRT site. Whew!