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Whipped Cream cans

Do you lick the nozzle of whipped cream cans?

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steven s

Well-known member
Not a big social commentary as other threads, but I am curious

After using canned whipped cream, do you lick the nozzle? :)


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Its one of my guilty pleasures, I dont lick the nozzle (thats just dirty), but ill fill a bowl up and eat it :)


Sure, why not! I am the only one using it, and I put it away clean -shrug.
But, I rather make my own whipped cream instead of buying a can.


I can only think of a few things that are being censored, and I am limiting it to body parts. One barefoot thread is enough in my opinion.


Well-known member
ewww that canned stuff is nasty, real whipped cream or nothing :p

I wouldn't lick the nozzle if I for some reason ever did have a can.

steven s

Well-known member
It's funny. I just started watching Family Guy several months ago.
I never got into cartoons until now.
My wife would begrudgedly watchs it with me.
Now she likes it too.

I thought this thread would go a little further. Guess not.

My wife told be, whoever invented the crock pot was a genius.
I figure it was Betty Crocker. No?