Which web hosting to use


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What about DDoS protection?

I just got 1 month with OVH for testing, but in case I weren't happy which host do you advise to go with, I mean best DDoS protection?

I really don't care about money difference, I need some good DDoS protection because I get a lot of attacks for unknown reason. ;(
OVH is about the worst hosting company (ref. their Canadian/US operations), someone in their data center was using an account I had canceled (to create one with different specs) to send spam email, then when I complained about what I saw in old logs, they terminated my account saying I had multiple spam sites...on a server I had bought with the intent of starting a business on. Needless to say I got my money back and will never use anything concerning their operations in NA ever again.

It's not even about reliability, it's about the fact that if anyone saw what I saw them try to do to me...they would be insane for trusting them...since you obviously didn't see what I saw I am telling you now before they damage your property or ruin your rep and/or just cause you a bunch of work.

Their network was extremely fast but all things considered...fast for cheap is not going to give you stability or motivation to keep going when they fox with your stuff.

Tracy Perry

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Well, I've been with SYS (basically lower tier OVH) for a few months now, and have had absolutely no issues. All the IP's I've gotten from them are clean and the server actually had brand new drives in it (some of them have used drives placed in them from reports).
Luckily the only time I will need support from them will be if the hardware has issues or if the network does. I also keep all the sites/DB's backed up to multiple locations - so if necessary I can be back up and running on another server elsewhere in a few hours.

Malcolm M

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You can try the host I'm currently partnered with.. I run my xenforo forum on and haven't had a problem. PM me.