Which of my forum ad setups is better for user experience?

Amin Sabet

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EDIT: I've changed the ads at the links below, so the original question no longer applies.

Please compare the ad setup on Page A:


to the one on Page B:


Both pages have ads in the footer. The difference is that Page B has two medium rectangles in a sidebar to the right without any ads between the posts, while Page A has responsive ads in between the posts without any sidebar to the right.

Both are adequate for revenue. Which setup is better for user experience?

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I prefer 1 on sidebar top, 1 on first post, and the most earning location, above thread / below navigation.

Amin Sabet

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Thanks, @RoldanLT

I am trying out FORUMCAST but having a hard time making medium rectangles work on my site.

FORUMCAST aside, I always have a dilemma about whether to use an ad above the thread vs below the first post on the page. I think using both positions together makes a page look bad.

Regarding the above the thread (ad_thread_view_above_messages) location:
  • In my opinion, this is the better of the two positions for user experience, because it doesn't interrupt the discussion right after it gets started. I don't mind showing an ad here to my members.
  • Google says that a 300x250 ad above the content is bad for user experience on mobile and is an Adsense violation (source).
  • It's probably the best earning position for a 728x90 ad in a discussion thread, which IMO is the nicest looking ad type for a forum thread in desktop view (considering only the sizes which earn well).

Regarding the below first post on the page location:
  • It is probably the better of the two positions for SEO because the ad comes before any content.
  • Presumably, one can use a 300x250 ad here on mobile without penalty.
  • I would only show an ad here to guests as it's a bit of an eyesore for members IMO.