Which mods


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In the photo you can see 2 features - 1. Moods, 'Fine' & 'No Moods' etc. - which mod is this?

2. You can also see 'Mobitog Staff' in yello, above the staff member's ID - which mod is this?




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Bare in mind the mood icons shipped with xenmoods are the v1 icons. I don't recommend in using those since I designed these around vbmoods when I was active at <the other product site>. Plus the v1 moods are .gif format so they won't suit all backgrounds. And with the v2 moods there are significantly more moods in the v2 pack which you can download from the resource manager and they are transparent which will suit any background and/or theme colour. http://xenforo.com/community/resources/mood-icons-v2.1921/