XF 1.4 Which exact situations are notifications pushed instantly?


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Hi, all.

I am wondering in what exact situations are notifications pushed instantly. I've noticed that when receiving a PM or having a post liked, I'm not always greeted with an alert and a nice little modal in the lower left-hand corner. I'm having to refresh to see updated notifications.

It's good to note that I am running on 1.4 RC2. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Chris D

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"Which exact situations are notifications pushed instantly?"

None. Is the simple answer. Alerts and conversation alerts are only loaded in when some sort of AJAX action is performed on screen or the page is refreshed.

Some common AJAX actions which may trigger this:
  • CSRF token refresh
  • Clicking on a link which opens an overlay or performs an action without reloading the page, e.g. delete post, edit post, report post, like a post
  • A draft saving while typing a message in the editor
  • Opening some menus (that are loaded via AJAX), e.g. Alerts menu etc.
So sometimes it appears as though it's happening instantly, but actually there is usually some sort of clearly defined action that causes it.