Implemented which Alerts are already read / unread ?


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within the "Alerts" Drop-Down-Box:

any chance to make a color-differentiation in order to see which Alerts I have already read and which ones are new ? So having different background-colors for Alerts which are still unread would help to immediately see which ones are new.

Sometimes it is hard to see which ones I have already read and which ones are actually not being read yet.


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IMO, the problem is that alerts are marked as "read" when you see the alert, not when you click through and visit the content you are being alerted about. But that is not a trivial problem to solve from a technical standpoint. Although it would be a nice usability improvement.


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the star still does not tell me whether I have read that specific alert already.......
The link was to point out that they are considering making it so the alerts are read as you read them, but why it hasn't been added yet and if it can be added.


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It sure would, and doing something like that has been on our to-do list for a long time, but it's a fairly major technical undertaking and we would want to make sure it doesn't harm performance.
Was this ever actually implemented?

I've been receiving feedback from users that it's very difficult to track what they have and haven't read when logging on to a long list of alerts, which results in them missing and actioning certain alerts.

Facebook has implemented this quite well and they find the lack of this feature frustrating.



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Really? Because all my notifications get marked as read immediately when they expand, not after I've clicked them.


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I just noticed they've even got menus within the notification itself and the ability to mark as read.

The XF notifications need some major TLC for active sites where users get lots of them.