XF 1.5 Where to download??

I purchased xenphoro and opted to have it installed for me (by xenphoro), do I still get to down load it from ?? or not?
I am so fustrated with all this now its not even funny! It seems that one needs to be a programmer in order to set up all this stuff and im getting to a point where Im about to say forget it all!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
When you purchased, you will have created an account accessible from the Customer area. That's where you can download it from.

However, if you purchased the Installation Service then we can get it installed for you.

You should be able to submit the installation request from the customer area.
I submitted my request, but they e mailed me asking...

"In order to install the software, we will need the MySQL database information.
If you have cPanel and are able to provide the log in credentials, we can create the database and user for you.
Otherwise, if you aren't sure what they are, contact your host and they will be able to help."

I provided my c panel log in and password and from there they can access the mysql database. I would not expect it to be difficult for them to do since they should have alot of experience with it.

I see no place to download in the customer area?? I will look again.

Chris D

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You've done the right thing; the cPanel log in details should be enough. We'll respond to your ticket in due course.

You likely need to edit your license details first:


Just click "Edit license details" and add your site name and address.

Then to the right hand side you will see a "Download XenForo" link.

Chris D

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The URL should be wherever the forum is going to be installed so probably http://forums.thehomefoundry.org/.

You wouldn't screw anything up with this, either way. Don't worry :) You can always post questions here or submit tickets from the customer area. We can't necessarily do everything for you but we're happy to help and provide advice as much as possible!