XF 1.2 Where to change position of navPopup


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I have moved the VisitorsTabs to the Modbar and would like to change now the position of the Menu´s (AlertsMenu, ConversationsMenu) but can just find a Style Element

element.style {
    display: block;
    left: 1009.5px;
    top: 26px;
    visibility: visible;
Where to change the top: 26px; ?


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Again with Pictures.
In Pic 1 u can see the Allerts Menu and thats it´s Code from FireBug

<div id="AlertsMenu" class="Menu JsOnly navPopup" data-removecounter="#AlertsMenu_Counter" data-contentdest="#AlertsMenu .listPlaceholder" data-contentsrc="index.php?account/alerts-popup" style="left: 1004.5px; top: 26px; visibility: visible; display: block;">
The elements Style says top 26px, but i need it to be "top: 35;" to get the Menu in one Line with the Header (See Pic 2)



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What would you do if say you wanted to move the Alerts popup menu to 60px from the right. For example "right: 60px !important;" doesn't seem to do anything