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XF 1.5 Where Is The forum_list Template?

In the process of installing an add-on, I updated the template forum_list. I had no trouble finding it in Admin > Appearance > Templates > forum_list, but where is it on my host server web space? I looked in /forum/library/XenForo/Templates, but I couldn't find it there. I really wanted to make a backup copy before modifying it.


Steve F

Well-known member
Just go back into Appearance -> Templates -> forum_list and copy that to a text document.

The only way to have templates as files on the server is to enable the setting in the ACP "Fetch public templates as files" but you MUST have a opcode cache installed on your server (APC, eAccelerator, XCache etc.)
I found Customized Components but the only thing there was the one template I changed. I did click on Templates but that just brought me back to where I started.

If I wanted to copy/paste the original text I would have just done so and not opened this thread.

Just where are these things stored? (First rule of navigation: everything's gotta be somewhere.)


Steve F

Well-known member
As I said, templates are not stored on the server. The template can be found as you did before and if customized under Customized Components.
Okay, Paul, thanks. I'm perfectly willing to access them through the ACP I jjust wondered where they were.

(I was beginning to wonder if they were hiding out in the 5th dimension or something!)