XF 1.4 Where is the "acp>send mail" log? xf_admin_log does not show the receiver user_id or his mail


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I want to find out the users I just sent an email using acp>send mail. I see several thousand of entries within xf_admin_log but each entry is the same! Even {user} is displayed as {user} within the xf_admin_log database entry. I only see the search criteria and the time the user list was created. I do not see any way how to figure out to which users the email was sent.

All outgoing mails go to amazons smtp server and the sendmail server does not log smtp relayed mails, so I wonder how I can get the sent mails through xenforo.


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Thanks, as a suggestion in that case it would be sufficient to create one entry per "send batch".

My admin log was several hundred MBs large, I deleted it yesterday. I now realize it is because every single mail sent is stored with its body. Now there are several thousand of entries again, and most entries are because of the (partly) email badge I just sent. Each of these entries contains the whole email body which takes up lots of space within the database. As the entries do not differ from what I can see, one entry for "when the admin presses on [Send Mails]" should be fine I guess.

If xenforo creates a single entry for each of the mails sent, then it would be useful to have one identifying criterium also being stored, like user_id or user_mail.

[update] it looks xenforo logs each "page" of the "emails sent refresh page [mail: 1050-1080]", not each mail itself. Still, it stores around 3% of the sent mails then with body text etc.


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The admin log is an audit log of any action taken in the control panel (any POST action I believe). So as you've noted, it will log each page of emails sent.


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Ok that's useful. Then my only suggestion is to include the user_mail sent, or the user_id onto the pages so they are stored, too. That would be so cool ! :)