Where is Kier?

No, your assuming, not us..

Maybe I've missed something, but isn't that quote from over a year ago? The other quote is a reference to him in an interview on another site.

Not trying to be argumentative, just pointing out that everyone is making assumptions about his efforts. The only thing we know is disengaged from the community, but that can happen and sort of doesn't matter as long as there is a good team that is engaged.
I don't believe this Kier exists. I want a picture where he is holding a current newspaper. If he has signs of physical abuse I am believing he is forced to program the software and is not allowed to see daylight.
I am just going to go ahead and say this the way I see it.

If I was Kier and I am most definitely not (as comfortable as barefoot can be, I don't have the feet for freetoe'n it and my English accent is atrocious) I would have another account on this forum and be engaging with my community as a regular member with no staff title whatsoever when I have the time and use that as the temporary disconnect (that for me would be) needed to focus on the thing that actually rallied this community together in the first place...the software.
Nope, he hopped on the last shuttle that was loading up a colony ship headed to Alpha Centauri B and if no habitable planet is found there they are then bound for the Triangulum Galaxy to look around.
Any coupon codes for the tickets? A little out of my price range at the moment.
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