XF 2.2 Where is Activity Summary Email in database?


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Where is the user yes/no in the db? I only see last date sent. Thanks
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The last date you’ve seen is the user preference. It has different states to mean different things.

Why do you need to access it via the database?
No stats exactly, but it's part of the Search users criteria in the Admin CP:


"Activity summary email disabled" means the user has explicitly disabled it. In other words, the value of last_summary_email_date in the database would be null for that user.

"Activity summary email enabled" actually means one of two things.

It either means activity summary emails are enabled but "paused" which is the default state for upgrades from versions prior to 2.2 and for imports into XF. It means that those users do not currently receive the activity summary email, but it is enabled and they will start receiving it after their first period of inactivity after their next visit. This is represented in the database by 0.

The other thing "enabled" can mean is that the option is enabled and they are actively receiving the activity summary email subject to the criteria set in the options. This is represented by a positive integer in the database which is the timestamp of the time they last received the activity summary email.
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