XF 2.1 Where has this file moved in XF2?


I'm currently searching for the file library/XenForo/Template/Helper/Core.php from XenForo 1. The paths are not the same anymore, anyone know where this file went? I'm specifically looking for the avatar part. I'm looking to implant my own API for images. In XF1, it was the following code that was implanted, but since updating to XF2, I can't seem to find the solution other than an addon.

protected static function _getDefaultAvatarUrl(array $user, $size)
return "http://minotar.net/helm/{$user['username']}/".XenForo_Model_Avatar::getSizeFromCode($size).".png";

Joe Kuhn

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My host, GoDaddy, has a file manager (in cPanel) that lets me search for files by name. Perhaps you have something like that too.


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This file, class and method does not exist in XF 2.

You might want to take a look at \XF\Template\Templater::fnAvatar() though.