Whens the next sale for Xenforo?


Joking it would be nice though ;) in the next week or so lol

Ive run a few small time forums mainly based around certain MMO's over the years and after a year off im ready to start building a new community.

After lots of research, reading up and using VB3.8 and VB4 in the past ive decided on XenForo it by far impresses me the most and knowing the guys in charge of VB3.8 are here, I know this is the product to go for.

I have to say reading around these forums im really impressed in the sense of community and people willing to help, which you dont seem to get from IPB when reading there and VB was never a contender after reading up about the state VB5.

So thanks to you all for some great informative posts here, now i just need to find a really good gaming style?


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I doubt there's going to be another sale anytime soon but it doesn't hurt to ask which i'm sure a staff member will respond to you about shortly.

As for a gaming style Russ is your guy to ask if your looking for a gaming style. pixelexit.com

though there are other good stylers that could fill this request like

- Forsaken from xenique.com
- John - razorthemes.com

and a few others but the ones listed are exceptional stylers and will be able to design what your looking for.


Not sure if your question in the topic title is serious.
No was joking really already purchased.

And thanks all for the reply's will check out the links.

Could i also ask is it worth running a wordpress front end? if so whats the best bridge? or is the xenfolo cms mod the best way to go?


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At present there is nothing available that can fully replace the likes of Wordpress. This is the best WP bridge available, although it doesn't work with latest WP and its recent reviews criticized the support. You can try XenPorta and see if it fits your needs and if not, you can wait for the upcoming Simple Portal and CMF (although the latter will take some time). There is somewhere a Joomla bridge availabe but it's broken and not recommended to use, so watch out.

Edit: There is also subdreamer, although you should read this thread first before considering it.