Lack of interest When moving old posts into new thread, keep the first post intact


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Most of the times on forums, the discussions get derailed. We often create new discussions from existing posts and ask members to continue the discussion in a new thread. Here's what I'm suggesting:-


1. We've an existing discussion and few of the posts from this discussions should become a part of a new discussion topic.

2. To put the things in proper perspective, I create a new discussion with a good title and move the posts from the old thread into this new discussion.

3. What I see is this: the first post in the new discussion is now the old post followed by several old posts from earlier thread and my 'first post' in the discussion is now at the bottom.

This is because xenforo organises posts inside a thread based on the time at which they were created. This is correct approach; however it'd be better if we could keep the First Post of the new thread intact, and then arrange all the imported posts based on time at which they were created.