When An Avatar or Username is changed, show a "change" icon for X days.


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Have you ever been confused when someone changes their username or avatar and you don't recognize them? How about a little mini icon (like ebay has) that shows the other users that you have changed your avatar or username. The admin could show the icon for X amount of days, where after that period it would simply dissapear. It would be placed near the avatar and be small and non intrusive. The admin could also have a setting to "show past avatars/usernames" link on the users profile page. That way there is a history and everything is upfront. I think this little feature would be yet another thing to really set Xenforo above everyone else. What do you think? Anyone want to try modding this?


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Yeah, I totally agree. A forum's brilliance is in the details, although I hardly think they'll implement something like this sooner than later. There are too many "standard" functions which needs to be addressed first. But I hope they take a note of this for version 2 or something.

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In the New Posts listing for threads you have commented in .... it lists the Poster's Avatar, with yours on top in the bottom right.
Maybe that's how it should look for a few days ?

orange = New
blue = old

This would leverage existing xenforo technology.


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Yes, that was what I was imagining. Maybe even put an arrow around each side to indicate a "change", like Ebay does. This would be a great feature to add, and can use existing functionality with little time or cost investment. A tremendous feature for basically FREE! I hope the admins notice this post and do it!!!

Like this post if you want this to happen.


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Although you might think this implementation with mini me is fine, it really is not. Users associate the mini me with 'I have posted here, this represents me'. Now suddenly you are giving it a completely different meaning, bad!

The original idea however sounds interesting, but it might be hard to implement it in a way that explains to the user what it means. And without making it look messy.


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That's why "mini me" gets arrows on each side and only shows up in big avatars when in reading the thread itself. You could also move it to another corner like the upper corner to make it different.


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This sounds like a very good idea, I know that I tend to identify people primarially by their avatars so when it changes I don't immediately realise who it is until I check the username. Something like this certainly could help, just need a way to do it that is clear and does not add clutter. Perhaps something as simple as a coloured border or something? Though obviously that wouldn't work for peopels avatars who are the same colour as the change border...

The only other thing I could think of is if the new avatar 'pushes' the old one out over several days or hours (determined by the admin). Effectively meaning that over say four days the old avatar would start off as the larger avatar occupying the left 3/4 of the avatar box, then down to 1/2 the following day, then 1/4 and finally it gets entirely pushed off the left so that the new avatar fully occupies the avatar box. Actually that's quite an awaful idea :p, looked it better in my mind than it was.


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Sounds nice but how should the icon look like if you have posted in a thread. A little mini-me is displayed already so there could be an icon with 3 avatars of yourself. :eek: