Fixed When a user adds someone to a conversation, they appear to be the first message author...

Liam W

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I just got really confused reading an email that @Chris D added me to a conversation...

It turns out I had been sent the first post of the conversation I was added too, but it was Chris' avatar next to the post content in the email...

Not sure if this is as designed, but it is very confusing :)



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Can you start a test conversation with someone and then add me to it so I can see if I can confirm this?


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I can confirm this. See the screenshot below where it shows Liam_W as the person who added me to the conversation instead of Liam W:



XenForo developer
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This is fixed now. The avatar shows the person who started the conversation (as the message is the first message).

On a technical note, getConversationForUser now includes the conversation starter information. This is consistent with getConversationsForUser (plural) so I don't think it should cause problems. However, if you've extended getConversationForUser to work with xf_conversation_starter, this could lead to an SQL error after upgrading. (This is needed to fix this, but also to make the queries more consistent.)