What's the best way to use Paypal buttons?

Core Freedom

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I'm have a mental brain fart trying to set up the proper flow of creating classes and having people register and pay for them through the forum.

I have two issues.

1. I can't seem to insert the paypal button using the 'code' button. Can paypal buttons not be inserted in posts? If not, are pages the only way?

2. Once the person paid for the product, how will they then gain access into that particular part they paid for without it being a membership?

I'm hoping someone found a smooth solution for similar transactions.

Thank you and Happy New Year everyone!

Core Freedom

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Tele-Seminars with attachments, which people need to come and grab after the seminar.

The flow is simple but I can't get it to work with the forum the way I want to:

1. The seminar is listed in 3rd party locations.
2. From there they register for the tele-seminar (through my forum).
3. After payment they get to the post confirming their registration and giving them the call-in details.
4. During the tele-seminar I tell them where to go grab their attachments (somewhere on the forum via private node I'm thinking). This node will also be the discussion and q&a section for the call.

Alternatively what I could do is pre-record the call and sell access to a private node that contains the audio and the attachments. But the flow above needs to be the same.

The struggle I'm having is wanting to make this available for current members as a one time purchase. It shouldn't be tied to any membership upgrades. For those who have membership upgrades they should be able to receive a discount on the products. But I'm also not sure how to set that up.

Core Freedom

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no, they won't be able to download the classes, but they can listen to them online. Haven't figured out yet how to get the audio into a forum post though. :(