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What's soo special about IPhone SE

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Senpai, Apr 19, 2016.


Iphone SE

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  2. I'm thinking of getting it

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  3. There's no point of getting it

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  1. Senpai

    Senpai Formerly RamzanHD

    As you guys know by now apple released new iPhone it's basically iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s made into one and I've heard allot of good things and bad things about it soo I would like to know what you guys think of it ..!
  2. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    If you want the smaller screen that a lot of "tiny pocket" people wanted - then it's an option. Me, I have no problems with an iPhone 6 in a front pocket and my fingers are able to reach the screen points easily.
    Last I heard, they are still having bluetooth issues with it. For the smaller screen, I've got an iPhone 5s that works just fine - and I mainly use it as a music player when taking a trip on the motorcycle - streaming it over my BT headset.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2016
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  3. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Since getting an iPhone 6 Plus a couple of years ago, I've preferred having a larger screen.

    So it's really down to that personal preference really.
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  4. Lucas

    Lucas Well-Known Member

    They seem to be selling super well in lower end markets, and actually including the US. It seems like there is still a huge user base which prefers smaller sized screens. In my honest opinion sales wise they made a great choice selling the SE, specially for countries in Latina America or China/India, etc.
  5. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    "What's soo special about IPhone SE"
    Maybe its 12 megapixels camera?
    I'm satisfied with my 6+'s 8 megapixels.
  6. BobbyWibowo

    BobbyWibowo Well-Known Member

    The vote result is totally as I expected
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  7. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    The vote is how I would expect on a forum such as this, but it's definitely not representative of normal non-techy people I know in person. I know a couple of people who have upgraded to it from a 4, 4S and 5. The small screen is real winner with lots of people who just want a compact, speedy, functional iOS phone, but with a decent camera.

    It's definitely not only selling well in low end markets. It's been limited stock around me in London since launch. Although I'm sure the the lower price does help, even in Western markets. It's a decent saving over a 6S.

    I think it's great they decided not to gimp the internals and instead keep at as close on a par as possible to the 6S in a smaller package. I have a feeling Apple didn't anticipate how well it would sell seeing how low stock is in most major metropolitan Cities in the US, UK and some other markets.

    Like Chris said, it's down to your personal needs. Get whatever suits you, all 3 are really great choices for different people. It's the best phone lineup Apple has ever had.
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  8. vbresults

    vbresults Well-Known Member

    If I knew this existed I would've gotten it instead of a 5s... I don't need to carry around a gimped tablet in my pocket for personal use.

    I bet this is what Apple wanted to release as the 6/6s but they have to compete with Android in the "bigger screen is better arena".
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
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  9. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    Not all Android users want a big screen, some of us prefer smaller more compact phones such as the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (I have the earlier Z1 Compact).

    I don't want a phone that's so big that I look like Dom Joly.

  10. BobbyWibowo

    BobbyWibowo Well-Known Member

    5" is the perfect fit for me (not more, not less).
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