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Whats next XF ?


Well-known member
I'm thinking about moving to XF by May 2012. I wanna know if there will be an update contains new feature before that? Or may I know what are your plans for Xenforo? are you gonna enhance/improve the core software or you gonna work on releasing add-on like CMS/BLOG/FB APP etc ?

I'm not asking for exact date for future updates, I just wanna know whats coming next ?



Well-known member
Resource manager is out already and its no use of me. I will be interested in mobile style as well as search add-on. But what else? Anything specific to forum itself?


Well-known member
They're always developing XenForo and its new add-ons.

If you purchased XF now, you'll have a year of updates for free included with that. XF 1.2 is due out in Q2 I believe, which means your license will be active and you can update to it when it is released.

Sadik B

Well-known member
There is pretty much anything you may want to do with a forum site possible with Xenforo+Addons. There's LN Blog, there's the library addon, there's Jaxels various addons (portal, wiki, media library), so I would say don't wait and go ahead with XF!