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what's new


Well-known member
at my forum (XF 1.1) when logged-in and clicking onto "What's New", then I see this message:

"You have no unread threads. You may view all recent threads instead"

Then clicking onto the link named "view all recent threads", nothing happens.
The link just does not forward to anything and nothing happens when clicking onto this link.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Then there hasn't been any recent posts (in the last week), so there's nothing to show.


Well-known member
is there a chance to do the following, when a user is a guest (not logged-in) and then hitting onto "What's New" and it is showing "No results found":

Instead of showing the text "No results found" (when there are no results after 1 week), show the guest the screen to "Sign-up/Login".

Just showing the text "No results found" will have the user leaving the page, as there is no alternative. Showing the "Sign-up"-screen will at least give the user an option.
Please remove the text or change the text "No results found." into something more positive like "Join now" or "Create a New Thread Now".....


include this screen:


within this screen: