XF 1.1 "What's New" template

Neil E.

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When a user clicks on Forum>What's New, they go to page that doesn't appear to have a template. What controls the layout of that page? I am looking to remove the "view all recent threads" link.


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This is what I use my XenDebug addon for mostly. Simply enable "Code Events To Log" and add "template_post_render". Combined with ChromePHP it will basically tell you in your javascript log what templates are being used on each page. Bit of technical know-how is required.

Neil E.

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Thanks, I have been using Firebug a lot, but it falls short in this case. I will have to investigate XenDebug.

Jake, I'm familiar with that post. Works great when <div id="content" contains class data. In this case the class is empty.
Per attached image <div id="content" class=""> (about halfway down).

I did find the link I wanted; it was buried in the phrase no_unread_threads_view_recent