Implemented What's New - more inclusive


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What's New is something you either love or hate. I love it.
I'd even like to move it to a tab on the main Nav bar.

But it suffers from being limited to forums. For example Jaxel's excellent wiki provides a lot of content to stimulate discussions on forums. But it can't be included in What's New not because of the mod itself but because of a limit set on the XF side in What's New code.

Please could we have an admin setting to include other areas of content in What's New.

I personally would like to include
- wiki content - text or gallery pages
- new member (we're a small board)

Do Pages get included?

I think others might like to include
- articles from a portal
- pics added to a shared gallery
- blogs either a main blog or selected ones.
and more.

It's CRUCIAL that we are able to TELL members about the hard work we put into providing that precious content: Content is Queen after all.

It's really up to the individual admin and their board to Enable/ Disable.
Clearly there is a balancing act - too much added in would make What's New cluttered overwhelming and discouraging. But if an admin uses a feature as a priority area for their community (as I do with the wiki and many do with a gallery or blog/s) then it needs to show up here as a necessity.

As with so many admin toggles to Enable, the default is Off.
So those who want pure forum content can stay that way and everyone is happy.


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This is really related to add-on developers making use of the new functionality and not a suggestion for the core.

There is no wiki/gallery/blog/etc. in the core so the developers of those add-ons will need to code this, as @Chris Deeming has done for his Xen Media Gallery.


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If I understand correctly, the reason it was originally What's New and not New Threads was so different content types could be included.

Is there a rationale for the phrase now changing to New Threads? Is it that you expect the different content types to have their own pages now and not all appear in the same list?