What's New menu item listing new threads - Threads read disappear


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I know this is probably working by design, but I like to use the "What's New?" button to see a list of new threads. Though if I read a thread it disappears from the listing understandably because it no longer has any new posts. That makes it hard to go back into the the thread as you have to go into the subforum and find it.

Is there a function that will show threads by last post in order even if the thread has been read? Maybe the thread title would be lighter to designate already read.


Jake Bunce

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Question for you... do you see that link on your forum? I found that link here on xenforo.com but I can't seem to find it on my test forum. I can't even find a phrase for it when I search for "All Recent Messages". It might only be implemented here on xenforo.com for the time being, perhaps slated for beta 3.


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Yes, the All Recent Messages was only introduced here a few days ago.
It will be part of Beta 3.

Jake Bunce

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I upgraded to Beta 3 but there's no "All Recent Messages"...
It works for me on beta3.

The link only shows on the results page for What's New:

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 4.34.59 PM.jpg

If there are no new threads then the link doesn't show because What's New returns no results and All Recent Messages only shows on the results page. Perhaps this link should be added to the navbar.

You can always load the direct link in your browser:


Or with friendly URLs: