What's New - frustration issue


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I love What's New but when I read its items it isn't prominent where they come from - what forum. Then once I've read them they disappear!

Today I found a thread that interested me on What's New.
I moved away to get a URL of another thread so as to reply to it helpfully.

After that I couldn't find the original thread again. Went bonkers searching for it because it had a something on it I wanted to use.
Because I'd read it it now didn't show up on What's New.

Eventually found it after a LOT of effort.
I did search after search of the forums but as I'd seen it on What's New I assumed it would show up on recent pages so I only scanned the first 3 pages of searches. Turned out it was an older thread so it didn't show up on the searches.


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The forum is listed below the thread title.

Previously read content can be seen by clicking the All Recent Messages link on the right.


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yeah, it is strange that the "what's new" threads disappear after being read. And then it is hard to find that specific thread again.
I guess this is how Forums work?

Can we have a "Bookmark this Thread" feature in XF core ?


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Like Brogran said above, once you've viewed the new content and it's removed from the what's new default view you can click on the all recent messages link to show again without leaving the page.

To "bookmark" simply watch the thread. If there's no new posts after clicking through to the watched threads page you have the option to Show all watched threads.


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I took me now more than a year to figure this out. Am I dumb?

I would suggest to put this "All Recent Messages" into the main navigation menu.


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the trouble is:

when there is no thread within "What`s New" (especially on Forums which do not have that much activity), then this Link for "All Recent Threads" is not showing up.
So clicking onto "What`s New" is showing the message "No Results Found" and the Link for "All Recent Messages" is not available at all.

would be better to have this Link within the Navigation-bar, so that it is always possible to click onto this link.


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Thanks guys great discussion and thanks especially to Brogan for pointing out this obscure little link All Recent Messages on the right and to Steel for bringing in the illustrious Jake Bunce's solution.

Personally I like the full All Recent Messages MUCH better than What's New - now I know it exists (thanks again Brogan).
It's much clearer to see the whole list with what's Read and Unread in standard or bold titles. I know what's what on that.

I shall use Jake's add-on to put All Recent Messages on the navbar - might even make it a top level tab.
Plus All Recent Messages will move to the end of the pagination on What's New. That's logical as an extension to see more.

Flung right over on the right I never even saw it was there -
LEFT location = find things
RIGHT location = find MY things (alerts, inbox etc).
All Recent Messages is illogical where it is now.

There is a Bookmark add-on by Fuhrmann

I don't think using Watch as a bookmark is quite enough. I have pages of Watched threads and goddess alone knows how they are ordered. I can never find one when I want it and of course - no categories.