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It would be great if the Whats New and All Recent lists could have a way to distinguish completely new threads or resources from their updates.

For example if a thread/ resource is completely new it shows with a border/ or an icon.
So all first appearances stand out.

Also of course what I choose to Watch is of especial interest on these lists so a way to mark those too - in a similar way.
I have made a point of calling elsewhere for the Whats New and All Recent lists to have a Hide feature - batch select down the page all threads DEFINITELY not of personal interest, click Hide - and click to view the Hidden list.

Together these items would work together to give a far richer and more efficient Whats New and All Recent search.

1. Definitely irrelevant threads cleaned out so I dont have to wearily trudge through clutter repeatedly. Batch select.
2. Completely NEW threads stand out as alerts on the page - can search on this.
These can then be culled as in 1 or Watched or left vanilla.
3. My Watched threads show up in the lists so I can easily see my priority interests coming up.
Those not marked as Watched but not Hidden become an intermediate group, not priority interest but possibly of use/ interest at some point.
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