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It seems the default behaviour for Xenforo when you press the Whats New button is to show a list of threads that have been posted in since you last viewed them.

However, if one thread has had 5 replies, it will still only show in the Whats New list once.

It seems the default vBulletin behaviour is to show each post in the order they were posted, giving them impression that it is a busier forum.

Is it possible to change Xenforo to show all posts in the Whats New list?

And secondly, is it possible to show the first few lines of the post, vBulletin style again?



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You'd need a small addon to display posts instead of threads on Whats New.

The first few lines of the first post of the thread do show as you touch/ hover the thread.
If you want that to show without hover it's a template edit.
If you want each post that displays on your new addon, to display content, that would have to be part of the addon.

Wouldn't be a big deal as an addon I think,


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xenFora har an alternate page that show recent activity, here you get all posts including given likes, this gives a much better impresion of the site being an active community. If you start a new forum, you might want to use the recent activity instead of new, and when you get more users you can add the whats new.

Recent activity (can be found in the members tab)


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Yes I use Recent Activity. I also put it as abutton on the end of the breadcrumbs bar top and bottom.
This works well. I call it LATEST!


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Sounds like a smart move Morgain, I think its a little to hidden on the members tab. I have put it on the main navigation bar - when people see all the activity on a site they want to join, if it looks to quiet they leave

By the way.. Try to compare the activity page on xenForo with the activity tab on vbulletin - which place looks most fun and inviting ;)