Whats another way to accept money?

The Dark Wizard

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We are doing our yearly site raiser to pay for stuff, we use paypal and google check.

2checkout was my first option but then I realized its for business, not forums run as a hobby by individuals.


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I use Stripe for one of my clients, it's pretty cool. You don't need to have a registered business, as long as you operate in one of these countries: United States, Canada, the UK or Ireland.

However, just setup a bank account (if you don't want to use your personal one) and allow people to pay directly into a bank account, that way there's no fees.


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Very few people in the US are comfortable with bank transfers, unlike Europe. My day job is in eCommerce. The top payment methods that our customers prefer are, in order of most used on down: direct credit card payments (i.e. stripe), Amazon Payments gateway (credit cards/amazon gift cards), and then Paypal.