What to do with a spare Xenforo license


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That is the question.

Tried a start up project, but could never get it off the ground (local town forum)

So now I have no idea what to do with it, grrr.
Kayhynn was asking me for XenForo advance recently. I guess she sets up communities for clients, but apparently isn't familiar with XF. Maybe she'd buy it.
Sounds like you got your answer AdamD :D
Buy a goofy domain like spamcentral.com or something and let it grow like a weed and see what happens. A little experiment if you will. No spam controls, guest are allowed to post, etc. Let it all hang out. If you don't, I might just to see what happens. :p
Jeez...lol. But you couldn't advertise w/ any credible company (ala Google) on a site like that. Then your host would complain about rampant bw usage. It'd be fun, but only for a little while. :D
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