What style property for this?


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Help pls :)
I cannot find what style property I should update to change color of these Title/Start Date, Replies, Views, Last Message text.


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Have last question I think :), the same one different element:

Where can I change these pagenav links ? border and background ...


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What are you trying to change exactly?

You can use the following classes in EXTRA.css if you wish: .itemPageNav a, .itemPageNav span


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In the forum view(threads list), when you have long thread and you move mouse over the thread title it shows pagenav boxes next to author, and start date. I want to change their border, background and text color.

ps. I tested this
.itemPageNav a span {
But it doesn't change color of text in these pagenav boxes ...


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Ok, looks like it's in style properties but
"Style Properties: Discussion List" not "PageNav, Link Groups and Tabs".

Thanks for help.

Strange: background color and border works from style properties, text color does not :/