What say your users about xenforo?

My users prefer

  • former forum

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • xenforo forum

    Votes: 15 93.8%
  • didn't do a survey or result is mixed

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I have made a xenforo installation with all my current forum data and asked my users which they prefer:
  1. my current forum which is heavily modified or the
  2. stock xenforo design only designed with my colors and no further changes
I start with what my users say about xenforo and my current installation all from users who only had a very short view of xenforo (<5 minutes) and used my current forum for a long time:

- "in the current forum it is easier to find and access data"
- "the xenforo forum is too much cluttered, I don't find the information so easy"
- "current forum does not look like a common forum, I prefer that"
- "I prefer to see all subforums directly"
- "if I did not knew which of the two versions would be the more actual one I'd say the current used forum is the updated release of the xenforo one"
- "I am used to the old one" (I bet this is the main reason behind most heads :D)


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Judging by your many posts on the subject, it's obvious you have a highly customised and stripped down version of your current forum software.

To make a fair comparison you would need to replicate that with XenForo and then ask your members.


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I am asking now my users which of the forums they like most: current modified forum, stock xenforo, stock current forum.


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Most people don't like change, so very little, if anything, is going to satisfy them right away. The results will be completely different when you ask them again in a few weeks, months, or later. A new interface takes time to get used to, so don't expect to get a lot of usable data from most of your users at the launch.


Mine really like it with the ShoutBox, sidebar newest posts, nested quotes (HINT!) and smilies. (HINT2: Smilie cateories!!!)


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This is the result of my survey
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my own forum
xxxxxxxxxx xenforo 1.1
xxxxxx vbulletin 4
xx doesn't matter
This is only for a comparision of forum start page screenshots, these users did not even login and they did not test all the forum software throughout and very detailled. Not so many people have voted and that's why no one should take the results by heart :D Some people insist that my current forum is looking the best while others think that vbulletin 4 looks the best. Then other people say "it's a forum, I don't care at all" and then there are people who prefer xenforo. But they want this and that of my current installation.