What part of the Members Tab do you use the most ?

What part of the Members Tab do you use the most ?

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One thing that makes sense into the members tab is: Status Page, similar to twitter where we can read, like and comment other users status updates, since the status function is very ignored in Xenforo.

could you please elaborate (explain) what you mean exactly ?
Can you make a mockup of what you are talking about ?

Many thanks!


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No, it's not.

Your suggestion encompasses recent profile posts, which is the same as the one above.


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Indeed that tabs can make it work, if there is in first place something that let us group the status that way, we can easily add an page only for it. :)

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For people who think the Members Tab is useless, which it mostly is ... rename it Activity and it xenforo 1.2's default landing page for the member's tab is recent activity, the tab becomes somewhat useful again !