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What is the word on search times?


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So I'm testing Xenforo on my imported vBulletin 4 forum. Did the cache rebuilds and the reindexing, etc. So here we go with MySQL fulltext searching being completely retarded:

# Time: 111201 18:33:37
# User@Host: <some cool user> @ localhost []
# Query_time: 21.635383 Lock_time: 0.000018 Rows_sent: 200 Rows_examined: 10928
use test_xenforo;
SET timestamp=1322786017;
SELECT search_index.content_type, search_index.content_id
FROM xf_search_index AS search_index

WHERE MATCH(search_index.title, search_index.metadata) AGAINST ('+hero*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

ORDER BY search_index.item_date desc
LIMIT 200;
When can we expect a faster search solution like Sphinx for Xenforo? Same search on the vBulletin install with Digital Point's Sphinx search took me 2.43 seconds.

Digital Doctor

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Big Board search is next on the Agenda.

The Future
Development won't stop here. We already have plans for a range of new features in XenForo 1.2 and beyond.
Our attention will also return to the Big Board Search Solution and Resource Manager ...


Digital Doctor

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While on the topic, Searching in Forums is TOO dependent on raw power.
To me, no forum software has done a great job with search.
I think much more thought should go into improving the search experience.