What is the purpose of a reaction score?


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Don't understand the tally of reactions except the correlation with the larger the score, the longer someone has been a member.

I was going to make all mine neutral so there was no score, but then I would be left with empty tables on the member page. So what I did was make all mine positive. Why negative? If someone posts sad news and you Sad react, it detracts?

What use is this?

Oh well. Made them all positive so at least now it is just a count of actual reactions.

Even if you have add a trolling reaction that detracts, it makes no sense in an overall tally. It is an arbitrary number that tells us nothing. No algorithm, percentage, formula... just... a number.
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I agree totally. The score, if anything, should be based on ratio of positives to post count.

I also have no negatives.
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