RM 2.2 Can someone explain the purpose of "Fileless" and why one would use it?


We use Resource Manager as a Downloads section of our member forum. I've recently encountered problems with people not being able to upload files into a category.

After trying to understand what is happening, the best conclusion I've been able to arrive at is that categories with "fileless" option do not allow uploaded files to be, well, uploaded.

However, if I go to the category as a user in the forum and visit the category, there are clearly, many, many files that have been uploaded to that category that is marked as fileless.

When I check permissions for those categories all of the correct permissions are set.

The categories are setup in such a way that top level parents and some child level are set to fileless. My understanding is that this is done to maintain a hierarchy of the child categories. I don't understand why "fileless" does this.

And I don't understand why some categories can be set to "fileless", and can contain files that have been uploaded, yet new files cannot be uploaded to that same category.

It should be also disclosed that I inherited the admin duties to this forum, so I am unfamiliar with Xenforo from a setup perspective and am learning as I go. So please be patient with me as I ask all of the dumb questions that one might ask.

Thanks for your time and effort in advance!
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