What is the most basic DO Droplet that would support XFES 2.2 features on a 1.4m forum


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So, I purchased XFES few years ago because the hosting server I was going to use offered ES support as part of the package. I got scammed by that host (story posted elsewhere on this board) so I did not renew the add-on as I never ended up using it and didn't expect to use it in the future. That turned out to be a mistake.

I wouldn't have bothered now but the new features in 2.2 powered by XFES are things I am very interested in. My forum is low traffic hence easily survives on a basic 5 dollars DO Droplet. But it is also quite old and has a lot of **** posting which means it does have 1.4 m posts.

Now I am considering getting XFES when I renew my subscription. But I am concerned about the costing of the second droplet I would need to run Elastic Search. I was just wondering if anyone here can point out the server requirement for a droplet running Elasticsearch alone that would be indexing and serving the new 2.2 features on a low traffic forum with around 1.4m posts. Similar Threads I assume would be the most resource intensive feature I imagine. I am not sure if the content is cached or not... I do not remember anything about this on the HYS article. Even then, it is likely to hit the second droplet constantly.

I also wonder if XenForo devs would allow me to test out XFES on launch (I would of course pay for it) and if it turns out to be an expensive project... I can apply for a refund? Maybe @Brogan can provide a quick response on this. Though, I do think that XFES features are the ones I am most excited about in 2.2 (apart from PWA) so I would very likely manage with whatever it ends up costing me on a monthly basis...

Thanks all.

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Nice, all three of us have almost the same amount of posts :)
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